SURFLEX S.RL. is an Italian company  established in 1950.
It was the first Italian company to produce clutches for motorcycle use, and it is now the only one
dealing mainly in small clutches to fit  motorcycles and light agricultural machines.
As soon as the company was founded, a permanent research department was opened, which over
the years has developed organic and sintered material for linings.
The first sinter bonded plate was successfully tested on the race-track in the 1960s by Giacomo
Agostini in his MV Agusta!
Since then, considerable new investments has been continuously made to increase the range of
products also for agriculture and industry,  to improve research and processing procedures in order
to meet the more and more exigent requirements of the market and to allow the components and
assemblies to be completely machined in the facilities with home-designed and -built equipment
and tools.
The continued improvement for full customer satisfaction was recognized in 1995, when, first
Italian company in this field, they were granted ISO EN 9001 Certification.
More than 50 years of History
Established in: 1950
Field of action: study, design and manufacturing of clutches for motorbikes and agricultural machines.
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